Jobs / Staff Recruitment Notification

Jobs / Staff Recruitment Notification

March 3, 2018

Jobs / Staff Recruitment Notification
Currently, the following recruitment is over.

We are looking for new members in Kaisu!

Aiming for 'A hub of connection', what is "a loved place for travelers who are accustomed to travel?" Think and manage.

Since opening in Akasaka in June 2015, Kaisu has received reservations from more than 10,000 customers from all over the world. I am having a lot of encounters beyond our imagination and I am excited all day after passing one year.

In such an exciting day, management of accommodation facilities is based on detailed reservation management, as well as service and correspondence to customers. We actively seek improvement of service voluntarily and wait for application of those who are motivated to engage customer correspondence as face of Kaisu.

In the summer of 1998, I, the representative · Kawazu met in Suzuki in Boston and I spent 2 years as a roommate as a student. We stayed together at a surfer inn in Puerto Rico, we crossed the Europe, Morocco, and the USA, each with a backpack, and after returning home we traveled to Bali, Taiwan, Australia, the West Coast etc. in search of waves between each other's work I have continued.

The hotel, motel, hostel, inn, villa, friend's sofa, number of sleeping beds can not be known. Someday, in an area that is familiar to us in Tokyo, start thinking about having a lodgement where you can feel better.

There were encounters with memorable people in the memorable lodging. When the meeting where such encounter is born, if a pleasant traveler will meet, we have opened a lodging named Kaisu with such thought. To a small company that started up at the same time, we tried coterie (coaterie) meaning similar people to aim for a group with curiosity and conscience.

"There is a good encounter for a good journey." There are various encounters in travel, such as people, places, food, art. I hope to make a trip that makes travelers' life a little rich, and I can make such a connection together.

Recruitment position

· Front Staff

Business content

· Reception service (reservation management, check-in / check-out, concierge, cleaning management, breakfast, other general operations related to guest house management)

· About 3 working days a week, 8 hours a day, 15: 30-23: 30 a day

Recruitment requirement

· It is a job that will be the face of a shop. Those who can work with responsibility and aggressiveness. If you like bright guests, people who like guesthouses, people who like Tokyo, people who like travel.

· English proficiency (TOEIC 700 points or more)

· Person who has acquired basic PC skills and has experience of using applications such as Word, Excel etc. in business

Ability to actively improve services and improve efficiency

· A person who is honest and able to contact with anyone with compassion

· Residents in Tokyo and nearby (within the area where they can go home after 23:30)

· Persons who can work for long periods

· Over 18 years old

· Educational background no problem

· Inexpensive welcome


·part-time job

· Hourly wage of 1,000 yen (raise is also according to ability)

· Transportation expenses (up to 1 day round-trip up to 1,000 yen)

· Nationality incompetence (Japanese skills required for non-Japanese citizens)


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